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Are you looking for Automotive Resource?

Are you looking for an experienced automotive trainer and consultant based in Asia who has worked extensively in the
highly competitive and developed UK market place within both a Retailer and Manufacturer environment?

If so, my name is David Inglis, perhaps I can help.

So what can I do for you?

Here are a few areas where I can help:

  1. Field Research
  2. Dealer Training
  3. Manufacturer Training
  4. Service Marketing Initiatives
  5. Service Retention Techniques
  6. Manufacturer and Dealer Consultancy
  7. Dealer Standards Setting and Auditing
  8. Network Planning & Dlr Appointments

Sometimes it just takes someone from the outside or new to any given initiative to stimulate a thought or an idea that can make
all the difference.

You can view my Curriculum Vitae right here and if you wish to
see the type of projects I've previously undertaken have a read
through some 'Articles' I've written within the 'Projects' tab.

If you feel my knowledge and experience might suit your
particular needs, please do not hesitate to contact me directly
for more detail - simply click on this Contact Me link.

David Inglis

Telephone - +66 (0)81 555 9113


 Worked with:

  Urban Science
     Int. (UK)

 Castrol Business
     Services (UK)