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Aftersales Marketing Programmes

The most important element about any Retailer Aftersales Marketing initiative is that it must be seen to work quickly and provide immediate incremental profit.

There are many different variants of initiatives, but in terms of targeting your lapsed service customers, the following key points have been found to work best:

  • Target lapsed service customers who own out of warrant vehicles - 3-years or older

  • Produce a suitable direct mail mailer which includes at least two fixed price service offers

  • Exclude lapsed customers who own vehicles over 6-years old - they need a different consumer offer

  • Monitor the response to each mailing and resend the same mailer to those that have not responded for a maximum of three attempts

  • After three attempts of attracting a lapsed customer back via direct mail, it's time to pick-up the telephone and talk to them directly. This will help cleanse the database

On average, a fixed price service offer of £49 and £49 would normally return an average invoice value of around £100 and £136 respectively.

Attracting lapsed customers back to the Retailer's service department is also good news for car sales!  That's because service customers are more likely to purchase either a new or used vehicle from their servicing Retailer.

When was the last time you undertook a lapsed service customer analysis?

Author: David Inglis

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