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Corporate Image Supplier Review

One of the largest costs for a Retailer is the expense of purchasing and installing Corporate Image, be that signage, equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings, letterhead, key fobs, rear window stickers, etc.

Drive that cost down and you improve Retailer ROI (Return On Investment), especially for new Retailers and refurbishing Retailers.

And in the case of this particular Manufacturer, because they financially supported new and existing Retailer refurbishments, any reduction in Corporate Image cost helped reduce internal budgets too.

Driving cost down was important to both the Manufacturer and their Retailers.

So what was done?

  • Review existing suppliers, contacts and costs
  • Identified alternative quality suppliers and costs
  • Create a cost comparison between existing and new suppliers
  • Produced SLA's (Service Level Agreements) for all newly appointed suppliers and existing retained suppliers
  • Created a detailed CI specification and supplier listing which was then inserted into Retailer's Corporate Image Manual 

One example of cost reduction is sourcing a Showroom Sales Station to include:

  1. An attractive, sculptured desk 
  2. Matching filing cabinet 
  3. Fully adjustable salesperson chair 
  4. Two customer chairs 

The total cost was only £850! Compare that to a competitor franchise where their Retailers were having to pay £2,500 for virtually the same thing and you begin to understand the capital cost savings involved

Here we had a 'win-win' situation.  The Retailers could now expect to achieve a quicker ROI (Return On Investment) and as for the Manufacturer, they were able to reduce corporate image support expenditure.

Are you and your Retailers paying too much for Corporate Image? 

Author: David Inglis

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