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First Impressions Count

First impressions are lasting impressions and it's important that a business is always self-critical.

Truthfully, how many of us stand back and take a good long hard look at our business and how it portrays itself to customers.

Here's just a few key things important to customers:

  1. Is it easy to park?

  2. Is the signage clear, clean and appear well maintained?

  3. The Used Cars, are they all clean and well presented?

  4. Is the customer entrance clearly defined?

  5. If walking past any Retailer staff do they acknowledge customers?

  6. Is Central Reception clear and are customers welcomed on approach?

  7. Are staff smartly attired?

  8. The Customer Waiting Area - is it clean and well decorated?

  9. Are there refreshments available and is the area clean?

  10. How are the new cars displayed within the showroom?

  11. What's the standard of decoration within the showroom?

  12. How many light bulbs are not working?

  13. Are the Customer Toilets clean, is there toilet paper, soap, etc?
  14. Do the staff and the facility present a professional image?

The above pointers are those you'd expect customers to see, but what about the offices, workshop and parts department?

Perhaps best practice would be to always view a business from a customer's prospective.  This will help you see what could be improved to enhance the first impressions made.

What first impressions are made about your business today?

Author: David Inglis

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