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Minimum Franchise Standards

This particular Manufacturer wanted assistance in determining their Minimum Franchise Standards and my first question to them was this 'What do you want to achieve from your Minimum Franchise Standards?'

Because there was no clear objective in place, we helped the Manufacturer define one and focused on it each and every time a standard was created:

The objective of the Minimum Franchise Standards is to create a minimum acceptable Retailer operational standard which will improve customer satisfaction and retention levels where each standard must be relative, specific, measurable, easy to understand and implement and must not be an undue financial and operational burden to Retailer Management and Staff.

With this clear objective, we were able to compile a meaningful list of standards which the existing Retailer network could accept and work with.

We then took our standards to a range of Retailers to obtain not only their views, but to also learn how they might circumnavigate the standards - not that Retailers would ever dream of doing such a thing, but....

Arguably, some Manufacturer's Standards might be deemed to be too complex where this has placed an unacceptable additional work-load on Retailer Management and Staff.

Recently I visited a Retailer.  I walked into the Showroom, I sat in a couple of vehicles and I walked out of the Showroom and not one person acknowledged me, not even the Receptionist by the Showroom entrance!  It looked like I was invisible!

My observation during the visit was it appeared that all the staff were 'pushing paper'.  This unfortunate 'labour diversion' meant that the only thing that saw me within the Retailer Showroom that day was the Retailer's CCTV. 

The Retailer, or perhaps it was the Manufacturer's doing, had overlooked the most basic Standard - Customer Care!

Are your Minimum Franchise Standards driving customers away?

Author: David Inglis

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