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New Retailer Appointment Process

New Retailer appointments are so important - that's because a Manufacturer is seeking to appoint the most appropriate prospect that will represent their franchise professionally and be an effective long-term partner.

Arguably, the most important element in appointing a New Retailer is being able to observe, listen and enquire.


What does the prospect’s business say about them just by observing the external and internal appearance of their business and how staff interact with one another?


Listening to what's actually being said is so important, but also listening for things that are not being said is equally important.


Asking sensitive and searching questions in the most unobtrusive way is vital if you are to fully understand how the prospect manages their business.

Another factor is your 'gut feel' for the business.  First Impressions are so important - if it looks right and feels right, that goes a long way, but the bottom line is determining the financial strength of the Company and this is where the financials play a vital role in determining how far discussions progress.

Honesty is always the best policy.  I remember meeting a couple of young guys who operated a very simple but extremely profitable used car business in the Midlands. 
Their accounts system included two hard-backed books; one for 'Vehicles In', the other for 'Vehicles Out' and the profit they were making was obscene!  

After talking to them for a short while I asked them - are you sure you really want a franchise?  You will need a DMS, submit Composite figures each month, have the existing site totally refurbished, install corporate signage, comply with Minimum Standards, attend Training and have regular meetings with the appropriate Field Staff?

They immediately agreed me!  Better they stuck with their Used Car Business!  

That was the right decision for both parties.

Is your Retailer Appointments process effective at appointing the best possible prospects?

Author: David Inglis

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