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Let's agree, these are tough times...   
                     ...and it's about to get worse!

If you are thinking of laying-off a Technician, I beg you to stop!

You're probably not selling enough labour hours to keep all your Technicians busy and your natural instinct is to cut costs.

With Technicians being a high cost - salary, training, holidays, perhaps even a car - it's natural to cut the highest cost.

But believe me!! That's the last thing you want to do!

A Technician is a productive - they can earn you profit!!

OK, so what could you do instead?

Better to ask; how productive are your non-productive staff?

That's your Service Manager and Service Advisors who are responsible for keeping your Technicians busy!

Basically, the two things you need urgently are:

- Firm Direction and Immediate Action  

And all it takes is just one day!

Let me visit your business, meet your aftersales team, appraise the current processes and procedures and then give clear actionable direction that will increase the hours you sell each and every day from here on in.

By identifying incremental service business, I can help your non-productive management and staff target that incremental profit opportunity that will keep all your technicians busy!

And what's the cost?

This crucial one-day in-depth visit and report is only £500!

Why risk laying-off a profit earning Technician when all that's required is some help and direction that I can give to your non-productive staff?

Let me prove I can increase your Labour hours sold!

If I don't succeed - I'll pay you the £500 back right back!!

Ask yourself honestly - are you prepared to lay-off a Technician when you might not need to?


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