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Service Budget Plans

One of the easiest ways to improve customer and service retention levels is to provide Service Budget Plans which enable service customers to spread the cost of their servicing by paying fixed Direct Debit payments each month.

This particular client wanted to create a web-based service budget plan system which could be used by any franchise, make and model and that's what we created.

Here are the benefits of service payment plans:

  • Instantly improve your customer retention levels as they need to come back to your service centre for their service work

  • Improve customer satisfaction levels, in that they are happier to pay by low fixed monthly payments rather than one large annual bill

  • Improve the Retailer's cash flow - your collecting payments in advance of the service work being undertaken

The strength of this particular web-based program is that it is not franchise specific, it's easy to use and almost anyone within the Service Department can prepare and print-off within a matter of minutes the following:

  1. Service Payment Plan Contract

  2. Direct Debit or Standing Order Mandate

  3. Terms and Conditions

There is no better or quicker way of creating an 'in-house' Service Budget Payment Plan service to help Retailers improve customer retention levels and enhance aftersales profitability.

How are you helping customers pay for routine service work?

Author: David Inglis

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