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Service Menu Pricing Displays

A particular Manufacturer wanted to update their service menu pricing boards throughout their entire network.  The pricing display boards at each of their Retailers had become tired and were in need of refreshing.

Interestingly, following the research undertaken the only time a visiting service customer ever looked at a Service and Repair Menu Pricing Display is when they were sitting in the Customer Waiting Area and they have nothing else to do but look round.

They then study the menu pricing board and they see all the high prices displayed which only confirms to customers just how expensive a franchised Retailer is!

Take a quick look at any fast fit centre - see what's displayed in their Customer Waiting Area!

At a typical centre all you'll find only three or four price-led messages confirming to customers that they are getting the best price possible.

In truth, they aren't, but like all clever marketing - it's all in the message!

So, after some on-site research (where I spent my time simply watching what people did when they visited service reception and customer waiting areas) it confirmed that complex Service and Repair Pricing Boards simply say the wrong thing!

Within a month this particular Manufacturer had ordered all their Retailers to remove and discard Menu Pricing Boards where the boards were then replaced by three or four price-led messages.

How are you changing perceptions within the Retailer network?

Author: David Inglis

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