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Staff Recruitment

Arguably, it's the people inside a Retailer that makes a business tick!

Get the right Management into each department and the difference can be dramatic - things quickly change for the better!

The problem in a nutshell is recruitment expertise within a Retailer is lacking simply because it's not an activity that's undertaken by a Retailer every day.

With this particular Manufacturer initiative, it was decided that the programme would only assist Retailer's in recruiting Management positions.

We felt, if we were able to help Retailers recruit the best possible Departmental Managers, these more professional Managers would be more capable of recruiting their 
own department staff accordingly.

Of course, Dealer Principals were still included in the selection procedure, but their involvement at the early stages of the selection process was dramatically reduced - after all, he/she is busy running a demanding business.

The recruitment programme ensured that at least two of the most qualified and suitable short-listed persons were being presented to a Dealer Principal, thus either of the two candidates would have done the job well, but it might be that the Dealer Principal simply 'clicked' better with one of them.

Because the Manufacturer paid for the recruitment process, Retailer recruitment costs were kept to a minimum and for the Manufacturer, they knew the best possible 'Manager' was now employed which would almost certainly improve current performance.

Are your Retailers recruiting the best possible people?

Author: David Inglis

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